The Law of Attraction and the answers to the truth

By now, who has not heard of Law of Attraction from the movie and book “The Secret”. Like so many, the movie has changed my life overnight. The teachers that were mention in the movie all have became mega stars if they were not already superstars.

Suddenly, all the life coach to religious leaders and sermons in church  from every corner of the earth seem to quote and somehow managed to relate to it and give life examples from it. I too am guilty of it. But hey its true. It does work, it seems to beautifully explain my past happiness, success, failures and failed career, relationships everything. I have manifested my dream job and lost it when I started worrying. That idea led me to the ideas of quantum physics, hypnosis and reiki ever looking for ways to tame the forces that govern my emotions my state of mind.

Being the IT guy that I am, I had to find the answer. I had to debunk it. I need to find the way to make sure I can control the “law of attraction”. I need to know how I can get everything I want all the time, every time.

What have came full circle in this quest is an old pray: Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Infact, this very verse of the bible seems to be talking about the law of attraction isn’t it?

When we seek to find the answers to our questions, we search through the internet. Well interestingly, You will always be able to find supporting articles to whatever angle you are searching  and preconceive notion. If you don’t believe me, just try it.

For the moment, I have a strong option that reason for this is because the laws of the universe seem to work in a way of bi-polar opposite being not 2 things but rather 1 of the same thing in opposite ends of the scale e.g.

Cold <—->Hot,   Bright <—> Dark,  Love/Peace<—->Hate/Anger,

If you are feeling cold, complaining, blame the world blame the people blame the universe is not going to make you feel any warmer. Switch on the Heater, wear more warm clothes, move to a warmer location would change that wouldn’t it. Its also true from feeling Hot to cold.

So the the question is how would the the answer to what you seek serve you? Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are both right, whether its true or whether its a lie it seems then to make no difference at all.

So is there really a blue and a red pill like depicted in the movie the Matrix? It would then boil down to which thought believe would lead you peace and happiness and which would lead you to pain and misery.

Is there really a single truth? Or both end of the scale is both the truth. The old saying ” What works for you doesn’t necessary mean it works for the other”, After all we all want different things to make ourselves happy isn’t it? So just choose now to be happy. There is no where to go and nothing to find. Its here, its now, its in this moment in you already at this moment. Its how you choose to respond to life, there is no after “I find it or obtain it then I will be happy.”

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  1. Congratulation!!! Nice page n Well written. So Happy for you coz this is yet another big move for you. Cheers!!!
    One day n soon, I will need your advice and help to open n search for my missing peace n happiness in life. Thanks n Love n God blessā™„

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