How can Reiki help you?

Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei pronouns as “Ray” can mean Spiritual, Divine, Life, Source and the word “Ki” is the same word in Chinese “Chi” refers to Life force energy. Western references commonly termed this as “universal life force energy”.

For the Chinese speakers its “ 灵 Ling”, “气Chi”.

Just in case, you are going to very quickly pass this off as some quack and woohoo new age. Let me share that this idea is not new or wacky at all. For those of us who believe in God. God is omnipresent and source of all things good and in the eastern traditions, “气Chi” is the foundation of Chinese traditional medicine, wellness and spiritual well being.

More recently, science has also made reference to it as quantum sciences, and Dr Bruce H. Lipton PhD gives reference to how just thoughts are energy and how it affects the human body, shared in his book “The Biology of Belief”. Dr Wayne W. Dyer PhD has also written about this very extensively in this subject like his books “ The Power of Intention”. Reiki when used as the healing method, we are in the allowing our body and mind to re-calibre to return to a balanced state, an allowing to heal itself. The author Joe Cross mentions this in his book “Fat sick and nearly Dead”, everything in nature can heal itself, for example, a wound internally and externally. We kind of need to keep the environment clean, give all the nutrients the body needs and free from harmful bacteria and stress and the body can heal itself. Reiki can be a potent aid in doing just that.

For those who seek a spiritual experience, a spiritual truth, it allows for a deeper connection to your spiritual truth whatever it may be. It’s not a religion, so don’t be concerned exploring Reiki would change your religious belief. Reiki is just a method, and it is not a religion or belief. After all, spiritual experience and spiritual truth is an experience and not just words. I think it is beyond words that’s why it is so essential for me to share this. So how can help Reiki help you?

For those seeking physical healing of an illness, Reiki is a method brings a convenient application to what both Wayne W. Dyer and Bruce Lipton’s work into actual use.

For those seeking emotional healing of trauma or constant worrying. Reiki is a method of allowing all of us to let go and be allowing and hence be free of the pain and suffering what anxiety prevents us from to moving on and being open to seeing new possibilities what the future might bring. For those seeking the purpose of life, meaning, the spiritual truth it most certainly is the experience for me personally, so much so that made me so passionate about teaching it sharing it and making it my current life work to show and share it with as many people I possibly could.

Ron Wu

Reiki Master Teacher

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