So how do we have Reiki in our hands?

If you have read about Reiki and now wondering now, so how do you I get reiki in our hands?

Here in Singapore, the Reiki community offers community events called Reiki Share. Newbies interested in wanting to understand more about Reiki could lookout for these events and simply make arrangements to attend these events.

Looking back when I was first introduced to the idea of Reiki. It was certainly very intimidating, sounds very mystical and really out of this world. All of it is true. Reiki can’t be explained through words, the only way is to experience it. Let me help by clearing most of the mystical aspects of it and concerns, and maybe it will help you to be more willing to give it a go.

Reiki is not a religion, there is actually no system of belief that you need to take on for it to work, the true practice of Reiki has no idolisation of any person or deity. Although it is true that many teachers of Reiki have brought their religious belief and have mixed other new age methods into their practice. You have every right to questions and if the teacher’s ideas are not sitting well with you. Please walk away. Don’t feel obligated by any social pressure that you need to go along with anything if your concerns are not well address.

Let me help you identify a true teacher of Usui Reiki.

Reiki has no belief system that you need to take on for you to benefit from it. Meaning you don’t have to change your diet, change your lifestyle to benefit from it. Reiki has no need to idolise any person or deity or any entity for you to benefit from it Reiki has no prayer that you need to recite for it to work. Some teachers do use some incantation to bring intent and focus to the healing. But in a real sense of Reiki, there is really no need for it to experience Reiki. Therefore, again you don’t need to change your belief or take on any belief from your Reiki teacher to benefit from Reiki.

So what is Reiki then?

That’s why its so difficult to explain what Reiki is and what Reiki isn’t. Many people and Reiki teachers are drawn to Reiki for very different reasons too. Everyone has very different experience with Reiki as well. Some say they experience a flow of energy in their hands, whereas others don’t feel anything, but they notice the people they are sharing Reiki with noticeably feels “peace”, “good”, “better”. Some share that they feel warm in their hands. This is by far the most common, but I have felt “cold” hands too. A chill from their hands, yet I still feel the “healing touch”. Naturally, because of this mixed message and inconsistency from practitioners of Reiki have created mystic, mystery and worst misinformation and confusion about Reiki.

When I teach Reiki to my students, I use the analogy of magnets to “help” explain how we attune people to Reiki.

Some people are naturally born gifted with a healing touch much like a natural piece of magnet from the ground. We know this is true. Regardless of race, culture or religion, we know some people are born with healing gifts. Here is the trouble, if you asked the gifted, how they do they do it? They would just tell you they don’t know how they did it. They could try to explain but not in a way that after they do, you would be able to do it too.

Back to the analogy of the magnets, if you tried to wonder why do magnets attract iron and metals. The best answer you could ever get is its called “magnetic energy”. Okay so what is magnetic energy, and you will be shown examples of what magnetic energy can do. Attract opposite poles of another magnet, attract and stick to metals. I think you get the idea.

Here is another fact, if you put magnets in a cord of copper wire, electricity is produced. You don’t need to believe in magnets to experience the benefits of electric power when you switch on the lights or use your mobile phone, do you? Reiki is quite similar in that sense. In the case of Usui Reiki. The originator of the healing touch is Dr Mikao Usui. Dr Mikao Usui is our natural magnet from the ground, our natural gifted “magnet”. Like the magnet, if the magnet struck a piece of metal in a certain way, the piece of metal now takes on all the properties of the original magnet. The metal piece doesn’t change its physical appearance, but it sure is permanently magnetic now.

To further use this analogy, if this piece of permanent metal goes on stroking other pieces of metals. All the pieces become permanent magnet now without every losing energy of its own. In the same way, I have been “magnetised” or “attuned” to Reiki by my Reiki master teacher so would you become “magnetised” to have Reiki in your hands too. You will be on your own right be a Reiki gifted person, with the gift of healing touch in your hands. You don’t have to hold my beliefs for it to work. It just works that way.

Ron Wu

Reiki Master Teacher

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