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Let’s explore our gifts? Let’s discover it together.

Ron Wu is an empowerment coach who helps his clients heal the mental-limiting beliefs preventing infinite potential. He does this by meticulously cutting through deep-seated issues with his client to finding mental triggers of self-sabotaging thoughts. These sabotage thoughts come from deep-rooting resentments since childhood or negative subliminal programming embedded within their psyche by their elders. This destructive programming prevents us from experiencing true happiness, unconditional love, being true to our hearts-desires or even wealth. 

Ron is deeply passionate about mental performance. He sees his mission to empower his clients so that they function at their peak performance. Experience absolute freedom in the mental sense of the word. Raise the set-point for your greatness because you can. It’s possible and definitely within reach.

This is all about you, only you. You are worth it. Let’s discover your highest potential together—one step at a time. Self-Mental reprogramming technics will be taught—just tips and tricks to explore your thought patterns and hidden loyalties.

Struggling with self-confidence,

Having trouble with Relationships

Having difficulty focus.

Success has been very elusive. 

Stuck, I am just feeling stuck.. why? Me?

Feeling lost and want to know my purpose

You probably visit my page because you are recommended by a friend that I have worked with since I have been only working Low-Key and mainly by referrals.

Since my work is very personalised, I work mainly on a 1 to 1 or with a couple. Only then I can tune to the client’s root causes. Of course, the Clients have to commit the same commitment as I am giving them.

 I am grateful to them. I am motivated by them to keep doing the work. The moment I see a breakthrough in their eyes is the highest satisfaction and the best Thanks I get. That’s my mission. That’s the reason I do this work. I have been there before. I know the pain.

He is not only a very intuitive and caring life coach but also someone whom I can count on to be a friend. A wonderful, kind, sincere, generous, and big-hearted person, Ron puts you at ease the moment you step into his office.

Ron has taught me to navigate life with a treasure trove of tools and challenges me with fundamental truths to question, think, feel and understand it for myself. He has a way of delving into my thoughts and emotions, ensuring that root issues are resolved to bring forth inner healing, clarity of purpose for life, and the best of me!

Words can’t thank you for all that you do, Ron!”~ Lena


Feel free to reach out to me if only your serious about finding a breakthrough in yourself.  Instead of asking me how much is the session, the right question is, how much are you worth? How much are you willing to change your current situation.  Tele-conference sessions are possible. 

Just drop me a message with the WhatsApp tap or drop me an email or the form below. 

See you soon.


Ron Wu

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

President of T.U.R.A. ( The Usui Reiki Association )

Certified Hypnotherapist (I.M.D.H.A., ACHE)

Certified Trainer (ACTA)