Our Story

Saint Thomas Aquinas

The name Aquinas is from a very inspiring Catholic Saint and Doctor of the Church Saint Thomas Aquinas. It is also the baptism name Ron has chosen to take after his spiritual awakening experience in 1999 and 2000.

Ron’s full baptism name is Ronald Thomas ( Aquinas ), John. Father Ronald McInness CSsR, was the Catholic Priest that guided and mentored a 20 year old Ron Wu out of a very dark and depressing period in his life.

Father Ronald McInnes CSsR and Ron Wu

People frequently, keep looking outside for the answers. They depend on their peers to give them credit. Rely on others to feel assured of themselves. They depend on others for love. It’s all backwards.

Ron has spent years figuring out how to show this truth without the use of religious beliefs and cultural barriers, entirely scientific actually.

“If it is the truth, no matter how you come at it, it will always arrive at the same conclusion.”

The Aquinas Mission ” Only knowing the truth, you can finally truly be free.”