Reiki and Ron

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I have the most unusual relationship with Reiki. In fact, I would be the most unlikely person to be a Reiki Master Teacher.

This is my story. I have a friend I have known for like 30 plus years. Let’s call her Kate. You can say that I have known Kate for a very long time. We have always been close, and we have been keeping close tabs on one other for all this time. Lets’ say we know each other well enough. I have seen her through most of the phases of life. During the time, I know Kate was going through one of the most challenging periods of time. In fact, challenging would have been an understatement. 

The story’s point is that we were meant to reunite good friends over a friend’s wedding.

The moment when Kate enters the room, she was glowing. Everyone in the room noticed that. She was definitely glowing. As she sat down, all the ladies on the table had the same comment. Long story short, the conversation on the table was mainly about whatever she is taking, and they wanted some of that.

She responded, “It got to be Reiki “.  We were all like, what is that? It sounds like Voodoo to me, and besides, I remembered that somewhere I read that my faith is against anything like what she is describing. I tried to brush off any ideas, but my wife was definitely interested in knowing more.

Fast forward. We were listening to the intro talk to understand more about it. I was not one bit keen. I am the most sceptical person there. It’s just not possible. Besides, the faith is really against it. We were then given “attunements” to experience Reiki for ourselves.

I feel that  I need to emphasise that no matter how much the stories and sharing other people’s experience with Reiki didn’t appeal much to me.

 I clearly felt something.  There was clearly something in this madness. It actually made me feel connected to something higher. That’s just me. That’s how I feel about it. I need to know more about it. It is not about how others feel about it. I now need to know what that was about.

As they say, the rest is history. However, I had never been what you called a complaisant student. I never took the default answer, and I questioned everything. You can say I took everything apart and had to make sense of all. Becoming a Reiki Master teacher was not a planned goal. It just happened as a result of wanting to understand deeper. It did change me profoundly.

I feel strongly that everyone has the right to their own experience and option. Still, before they make a judgement on something, it’s just fair that they need to know and explored deep enough into the topic or go deep enough into it before you qualify to make comments on a subject. For anyone stumbled by religions, even to dare to explore Reiki, you are not alone. 

I, for one,  personally feel more connected to God, and I now have my own stories that are profound, and I do give Reiki and my teacher credit for this. Every new day still unfolds the wonders of Reiki, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Best Regards

Ron Wu