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I’m asked quite frequently what is it do you do. Quite honestly, I can’t describe it on my own.

I have asked the feedback from my clients whom I work with and ask them about their experience working with me.

It’s understandable that most of them are very shy, and many of them are very public figures and naturally want to remain anonymous. Listed here are some who have agreed to let me share, and others have only are comfortable sharing their words, not their names.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for their kind words and their support that I am motivated to do this work.

My sincere thanks for your kind words, dear friends.:~  Ron Wu

“Ron is insightful, engaging and caring. He doesn’t beat about the bush and goes straight to the core of the issue plaguing you. Listening to him requires a suspension of all the values and principles you hold dear. You need an open mind for the kind of self-actualisation that Ron enacts.

I honestly think that if you work closely with Ron, you’ll find the breakthrough you need. Any sort of personal transformation requires work on the part of the seeker and the master, perhaps more so on the seeker. Let yourself be folded into the all-encompassing embrace of his teaching, and find yourself to be… finally free.”~Edwin Lim

“Ron first and foremost, is a great teacher who genuinely cares. His work involves going deep into your psyche to understand and hence change your limiting beliefs and mindset that no longer serves you. I have a deeper understanding of what triggers me and the limiting beliefs that are holding me back from being the best I can be. I understood what were the incidents that occurred during my childhood that had resulted in the challenges I faced during my adulthood. His core mission is to empower his clients so that we can function at our best. He is extremely sincere and genuine. I have learned so much and understood so much about myself and will always be grateful to Ron!”~ Esther. L

Ron is knowledgable and professional cross many fields. This is important as it allowed him to hit me at critical spots to deliver the results promised. I would recommend him to anyone.” ~ Gareth P.

“Ron was wonderful in holding space for me and walking me through a deeply cathartic hypnotherapy experience. I look forward to more explorations and working further with him “ ~ Meghna.  

After only one session, my student, a non-native speaker of Chinese, top her class in Chinese in her examinations”Mdm L, Chinese tutor.

” I actually sleep better and have laser-sharp focus when I need it” J.Lee, R-Nurse. 

“Ron came highly recommended to my family and me, and we have been very blessed by him.
He is not only a very intuitive and caring life coach but also someone whom I can count on to be a friend. A wonderful, kind, sincere, generous, and big-hearted person, Ron puts you at ease the moment you step into his office.
Ron has taught me to navigate life with a treasure trove of tools and challenges me with fundamental truths to question, think, feel and understand it for myself. He has a way of delving into my thoughts and emotions, ensuring that root issues are resolved in order to bring forth inner healing, clarity of purpose for life, and the best of me!
Words can’t thank you for all that you do, Ron! I hope Aquinas gets the due recognition and recommendation that it should get!” ~Lena

“I really enjoy Uncle Ron’s classes as when I go to his office, I feel very comfortable, relief and calm as I have someone who understands me and lends me a listening ear.
Uncle Ron is very kind, wise and has a lot of patience with me. I really enjoy his lessons as he speaks words of truth, gives me good advice and guides me on how to handle my problems. He also shares his life experiences with me.
I will recommend Uncle Ron to all my friends and family. Thank you very much, Uncle Ron! “~ Ian (12yr old PSLE student)

“Uncle Ron is the Best Teacher Ever.”~ K (8yrs old)

“Thank you for helping me through the separation last year. All of us are going through some kind of journey, ain’t we? Luckily we have friends to cheer us up to make us feel less lonely

I am happy with my new job.  It is just very meaningful for me.– Anonymous

“I am really thankful that you came into my life. I have been trying for years to uncover my blocks and have not been successful until I met you, and wow, in only 2 sessions, I did so much compared to what I have been trying to do for years. Thanks for being such a great teacher, and I really look forward to working more with you!”~ Anonymous

You really have a great way of doing what you do, have confidence, and keep it up “~ Anonymous

“Ron, how you help both Mr T and me last weekend was awesome. You are the best master I have come across! God Bless! Forever grateful.” ~ Anonymous

“Little K skipping away, and I know my heart is full when I skip so I know he is too. A million thanks, Ron! We walk out of your office much better persons!”-Anonymous.

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