Letters of Encouragement

stack_of_old_letters_on_piece_of_paper_u19444323   Letters  of Encouragement

I dedicate my work to God and live in deep gratitude to the wonderful friends with their encouragement. Its words like these that puts meaning in the work and fuels passion to go on.

My sincere thanks for your kind words dear friends.:~  Ron Wu

“Ron is knowledgable and professional cross many fields. This is important as it allowed him to hit me at critical spots to deliver the results promised. I would recommend him to anyone.” ~ Gareth P.

“Ron was wonderful in holding space for me and walking me through a deeply cathartic hypnotherapy experience. I look forward to more explorations and working further with him ” ~ Magha  

“After only one session, my student ,a non-native speaker of Chinese, top her class in Chinese in her examinations” – Mdm Leo, Chinese tutor

” I actually sleep better and have laser sharp focus when I need it” J.Lee, R-Nurse 

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