3…2…1… Mental Reboot Exercise

Step 1 . Say :3.. 3.. 3.. Body relax. ( Just imagine a wave of relaxation sweeping from Head to Toe ) Slowly. Step 2. Say: 2.. 2.. 2.. Mind relax ( Just imagine being at your comfy place eg. Beach, Swimming pool Garden) Step 3. Say 1… 1.. 1. I think clearly, feeling great […]

Stress is always fear related.

The worst suffering to experience is mental related. Unlike physical pain, we can’t see the suffering one is experiencing, there is no empathy, no support, no compassion from work peers and that the time of need, you might even lose a few friends. Yet the physical pain one has to endure is much the same if not worst […]

So how do we have Reiki in our hands?

If you have read about Reiki and now wondering now, so how do you I get reiki in our hands? Here in Singapore, the Reiki community offers community events called Reiki Share. Newbies interested in wanting to understand more about Reiki could lookout for these events and simply make arrangements to attend these events. Looking […]

How can Reiki help you?

Reiki is a method of allowing all of us to let go and be allowing and hence be free of the pain and suffering what anxiety prevents us from to moving on and being open to seeing new possibilities what the future might bring. For those seeking the purpose of life, meaning, the spiritual truth it most certainly is the experience for me personally, so much so that made me so passionate about teaching it sharing it and making it my current life work to show and share it with as many people I possibly could.